For Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Border Patrol, or other active professions — the physical demands of the job are challenging and dangerous. In order to carry out your duties as effectively as possible being mentally and physically fit is necessary.

We put profession specific work into each focus. If you are preparing for a physical exam to enter into a field or transferring to another department with different standards we have programs for you. It is highly recommended you start early for a less stressful process.


To start training with us the following is needed:

  • A good attitude. You must be willing to be coached, pushed and corrected as necessary.

  • An Athlete Introductory session. First we perform a movement screening based on Gray Cook’s. After that you will either be led through a session or if your experience is limited, foundational and Olympic lifts will be reviewed. Contact info@terraingym.com to set up an appointment. Cost is $65.

  • Schedule an observation. We don’t allow drop ins but encourage you to check out a session.





Train on All Scheduled Days

Attend open gym & receive sessions by e-mail at this rate. You're not locked into specific days/times.




Save 10% or $60 Over 3-Months

Train on all scheduled days, attend open gym & receive sessions by e-mail. No days/times restrictions.