The Muscle Behind Unemployment Line

Take a look at what goes into the building of an iconic trail here in Bellingham. Andrew Fletcher and John Miller talk about why they use their vacation days to work on one of Galbraith’s finest trails, and how Terrain fits into it all. Be sure to keep watching to see Terrain Athlete, Hannah Bergemann test out the goods!

Real Snow Backcountry Video Contest – #VOTE4ERIC

Real Snow Backcountry, the all-video, all-backcountry snowboarding contest brought to you by ESPN and the "World of X Games" is back!! The Fan Favorite vote is a one-round, winner-take-all cage match. We're happy to announce that Terrain Athlete, Eric Jackson created an epic video of his backcountry shenanigans! Check it out and #VOTE4ERIC!! Only one vote per browser, per day is allowed. Go Eric!


Achieve Peak Performance

Anyone who is looking for feedback on their current fitness and lifestyle habits can now get an an depth blood analysis done by our new partners Wellness FX. Click on the link below to find out how anyone from the professional athlete to the everyday individual can get a personalized blood test to help them know if their training and diet is on point. 

WellnessFX fits a variety of needs – for everyone from the super athletic looking to optimize their performance to those simply looking to get better feedback about their current health and lifestyle choices. That’s why each WellnessFX package has been designed with your unique health goals in mind.

Wellness FX

Prepare Now, Prevail Later

Prepare for the 2016/17 Winter season with us! This year we are offering an advanced AND beginner program.

What separates the beginner and advanced program? The total volume in the beginner program will be less.

How do I know which program is right for me? Assessments will be done the first day of the program. Based on your results you will be placed in the program that will yield the best results. 

4 days a week for 8-weeks beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27th (week one will run Tuesday through Friday, all other weeks will run Monday through Thursday). Last day of program - Thursday, Nov. 17th.

6:00a, 9:15a and 5:45p. *When you sign up, choose your training time. 12:15p may be offered if all other times sell out.

Individual is $400 and couples (same household) is $650.

How do I sign up? 
Individuals sign up through our site. Make sure to ‘uncheck’ the Athlete Introductory box. 

Simply e-mail us - Payment is made at your first session you attend. 

We welcome them! E-mail or give us a call. / 360.815.4051

Little Lessons Make a Big Difference

My learning curve remains steep 18 months into my training at Terrain Gym. Tonia teaches me something new every day; whether it's from a personal anecdote, a demonstration or a correction to my technique, I leave the session feeling excited about my new nugget of knowledge.

Although small, these are powerful lessons that when put into practice enable you to suddenly lift more weight, squeeze out another rep or move a little faster. Here are just some of the little lessons that have made a big difference in my gym performance:

  • Barbell loading board. It was a big day for me when I learned how to use the barbell loading board instead of counting on my fingers.
  • The squat sweet spot. After doing so many squats I can now tell when I'm an inch too shallow or my stance too wide.
  • Wrap your thumbs (for pull-ups and chin-ups). It is harder to do and easy to forget. I have been falling asleep at night and suddenly think, "Damn, I didn't wrap my thumbs!"
  • Heavier weight = move quicker. This is huge for me as I tend to linger and think too much which causes me to fatigue faster and become unable to complete the rep.
  • Doing moves the right way hurts a lot more than doing it the wrong way. (I cannot do as many sit ups or pushups as I used to!)
  • A spotter does wonders. Just knowing that someone has got your back makes you braver, squat deeper and push harder.
  • 1RM can change daily. You may be more tired today or more rested, which leads to the next point…
  • Gym numbers don't matter; it's what you do outside the gym that counts.
  • The definition of strength. I used to think strength was doing pushups or sit ups, but I have learned that the goal of a strength focus is to increase weight until the exercise is hard but doable. This may result in few reps, but greater use of power.
  • Sandbag Get-ups are metabolic (every part of your body is working). Just do one and you'll see.
  • Injury is no excuse not to train. There are ways to safely work around an injury with alterations in movement, reps, weight and/or exercise.
  • Muscles remember and adapt quickly. Sometimes I think it will be impossible to work out on Tuesday after a hard session on Monday. But after warming up and one or two working rounds, the body starts to respond and the brain follows suit. Sometimes we are capable of a lot more than we think.

This list will continue to grow as I grow into a more responsive, durable and strong athlete in Terrain Gym.

New & Improved for 2015

Terrain Gym is excited to announce our new website! The new site features the most recent content about our 3 program areas (Peak Fitness, Field Training and Mountain Sport) as well as general scheduling, rates and membership information. We hope this will provide our current and  prospective members a great tool to learn about what's happening at Terrain Gym. We also created an online store, where you can purchase great fitness inspired workout gear. Another great feature includes our Gym Notes blog, where you'll find strength training tips, workout samples nutrition tips, gym events and more. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thank you Carson Artac for the great photography and to EVRYBDY, the design studio that helped us with the content architecture and overall design/build.

Train Well, Eat Well

Part of our mission is to educate our athletes on how to eat for optimal health. This lead to the addition of our coffee & supplement bar. We fully stock Bullet Proof Upgraded supplements, coffee and chocolate. We also stock Cave Man coffee, chocolate and coconut oil. The products we stock are ones we use ourselves and fully believe in.

Beginning January 26th we will be slinging hot, delicious, cups of Bullet Proof coffee, BP mochas and vanilla lattes!! These are full of good for you stuff such as;

  • Collagen Protein - Speeds up recovery and repairs soft tissue
  • Cacao Butter - A Superfood! It adds a new taste sensation to your mocha
  • Chocolate Powder - Another Superfood! It’s heart healthy & taste amazing.
  • Vanilla - the real deal. Helps fight inflammation!
  • Brain Octane - Reduces brain fog & increases energy.

Come check us out and learn more about why coffee can be good for you!