Prepare Now, Prevail Later

Prepare for the 2016/17 Winter season with us! This year we are offering an advanced AND beginner program.

What separates the beginner and advanced program? The total volume in the beginner program will be less.

How do I know which program is right for me? Assessments will be done the first day of the program. Based on your results you will be placed in the program that will yield the best results. 

4 days a week for 8-weeks beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27th (week one will run Tuesday through Friday, all other weeks will run Monday through Thursday). Last day of program - Thursday, Nov. 17th.

6:00a, 9:15a and 5:45p. *When you sign up, choose your training time. 12:15p may be offered if all other times sell out.

Individual is $400 and couples (same household) is $650.

How do I sign up? 
Individuals sign up through our site. Make sure to ‘uncheck’ the Athlete Introductory box. 

Simply e-mail us - Payment is made at your first session you attend. 

We welcome them! E-mail or give us a call. / 360.815.4051