Mountain Athlete in Vegas, baby

I am more of a jock than a party girl. But once every few years I like to go big with my oldest girlfriends. I say "oldest" loosely...because we all just turned 40 this year! So we decided to descend on Vegas.

Let me preface the rest of this story by saying that I don't drink alcohol. I get adventurous by pounding cold brew coffee with heavy cream at 8pm. And even though one evening in particular didn't find us in bed until 5:15 am, I still returned home from the weekend feeling strong and healthy, having gotten all of my Terrain sessions in and consumed good nourishment (aside from the perpetual second hand smoke cloud, and lack of sleep, of course!).

So how did I get my sessions in? Well...with my girlfriends of course! I got two of my friends to do the Slayer complex and lateral hop/tuck hold session with me. And heard about their thigh awareness, and complexities of going down stairs and sitting on the toilet, for the rest of our trip!

We were also able to hike at Red Rocks (beautiful!!) and get mileage in walking at Fremont district. And sprints with pushups and dips off of the curb.

So there is always an opportunity to train, and Terrain helps me travel with NO EXCUSES!

Thanks for programing for travels!