Movember to Snowvember

A few years ago, I had some friends who were obsessed with this concept of Movember, growing a mustache to huge size, rivaled only by those of the 1970s. Young fellows work all month to rock a thick caterpillar over their mouths and rock 'em with Trucker Hats. At the mountain yesterday, I found myself making a similar play on the month November...but using instead Snowvember, because alas I can not grow a mustache, and quite frankly I prefer to ski anyway.

Thank you abundant snowfall this Snowvember! What a great opening week at Mount Baker. Regardless of having nearly no visibility and having to get pushed out of my parking spot it was a day for the books. I rocked my new Terrain beanie and felt super cozy and stylish. Did you get one yet?

I went up to Mount Baker with my kid, which can result in copious amounts of getting up and down....much like a Sand Bag Get Up! I felt very strong and ready for the season, from ankles to shoulders, thanks to the awesome Backcountry Ski Sessions at Terrain for the last 5 weeks. This week begins week 6 and I say, bring it on! I got more Skiing to do! 

My time is limited for skiing to two weeks because on December 4th I will be having surgery on my rotator cuff. I have a lot of emotions about this, but overall feel excited to move into more rage of motion and confidence in my bodies strength. I will stay focused on my training however, and I know that Tonia, Jeff and Craig will adjust the sessions for me. They are great with working with injuries. Come late January, I will have much of winter left and want to be ready to play!