Back to Terrain

As soon as my injury happened, my husband said, "You should go back to Terrain."

Injuries can certainly happen when you are using your body and loving life. But when one happens that prohibits movement in the middle of winter....well, lets just say that for this Alaskan girl its a recipe for a bit of depression.

Despite the painful, sleepless nights I still managed to get to my skis a few times. In yoga I could not even extend my arms out to the side in warrior II, and when doing bodywork my left arm would go numb.  As a professional yoga teacher and Soma bodyworker, I am a good listener of my body and skillful at working around injury and recruiting other muscle groups. However this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I made it through the winter, but by summer I had gone back to Terrain, 8 months after my injury, suffering more from the mental battle than the physical one. 

My first point of gratitude: I wasn't alone! So many people were working around injuries. There was a broken collar bone (mountain biking accident), broken foot in a boot (trail running misstep), a forearm with pins and a rod externally holding it in place ( was pretty gory) and me....without any apparatus on my injury, and no "name" to it yet, but a definite sense of protection and limited movement ability. Without missing a beat, Tonia throws out the modifications we need...."Do with one arm," is what I constantly hear!

Second point of gratitude: I am NEVER treated like I was less than anyone else because certain movements were prohibitive. I'm competitive by nature and when there are numbers on the board or I'm in a race with someone for time, I will go all out. When I train here, there are no numbers to beat. I only feel that I am here for myself, to be my best self, for my own nourishment and health. 

Third point of gratitude: The vibe. Super casual, yet a clear tone of GET TO WORK. Mountain images all around and no mirrors. Folks do their stuff. No over explaining. We just get to work. 

Right now we are in a 6 week ski training program. I LOVE it! dynamic lateral hops, weighted lunges and jump lunges, hurdles. I often wonder if I will make it through. My mind falters and I focus on my breath and shake my legs. Then I see the mountains etched in to wall and just pretend I have skis on.