10 Holiday travel movement ideas + Schedule

Traveling for the holidays can get you off your training schedule! Remember, just a simple walk can get you back on track. Here are a 10 fun ides for simple movement when out of your normal scene. And for those of you staying local, scroll down for the holiday Terrain Gym schedule.

1) Walk like a 6 year old- jump, play, skip. You may even notice this makes you feel happy!

2) Sit on the floor. This makes you move more, into unique positions, and forces you to use diverse muscle groups when you get up again.

3) Park at the back of the parking lot for extra walking.

4) Ask yourself "what is my soundtrack right now?" and move to the music in your head, or better yet, sing it out!

5) Do jumping lunges when waiting in line for anything (my fav!)

6) Do calf raises while having conversations

7) Offer to rearrange your hosts furniture, or the hotels furniture

8) Explore your new area with a run

9) Leave the grown-up conversation and play with the kids: tickle fight, wrestling, pillow fight, frisbee, hula-hoop, dodgeball are a few fun ideas

10) Charades- this can get everyone moving!!

BONUS 11) Plank off, or wall-sit off, or boat pose off...get the whole crew engaged with a strong static body position and let the winner choose first on the white elephant!

For those athlete staying in town

From Tonia:

 It's that time again. Kids are out, mountains open and festivities abundant! Our holiday schedule is as follows -
Next week, 12.18 through 12.21 5:45a, 9:15a and 5:45p are all as normal. Our 12:15p training will not be running during the winter break. 

The week of 12.25 through 01.01 we will be closed. This is an Unload week for us. During the unload week we are offering open gym to all of our athletes 9:00a - 5:30p 12.26, 27 & 28.  There will be body weight only sessions written up, for you to follow, if you choose to come in. During an unload week a decrease in volume is important so all of the sessions will run approximately 30 minutes.
The other option is to hike, bike, ride, run, play and basically stay active but get rid of any structure for the week. Embrace our winter weather. Layer up. Come back in 2018 refreshed and ready! 

All training sessions resume Tuesday, 01.02. 
Healthy treats will be offered to all next week so don't miss out! Alternative sugars, gluten free, nutrient rich 'desserts' will be available at every session on Monday and Thursday. To be consumed AFTER you train of course.
Enjoy your weekend!