Athlete Highlight: Caroline Honnoll

Caroline Honnoll is a long term Terrain athlete. In fact, she began training before Terrain was in its current location, about seven years ago. 

When asked what she gets out of Terrain, Caroline says, "It's the only thing outside of activities for exercise, such as paddle boarding and skiing, that I've really stuck to in my whole life consistently. (Coaches) adapt (the program) if you've got injuries, it's adapted depending on your level, and I never feel out of place here. It works. It's great."

Outside of Terrain, Caroline is an active hiker and paddle boarder. "I love paddle boarding," she says enthusiastically. Caroline, her husband and son (age 13) are also big skiers in the winter.  Her son and husband are also very into mountain biking. She is committed to keeping up with them, "Espically the 13 year old!" she laughs.

Caroline is a great example of the people who gravitate to Terrain- those who want to participate actively in life, not only for themselves but with the people they love. You can meet Caroline in the 5:45pm class, pretty much every night.