Athlete Highlight: Meet Carrie Adelstein!

This November, I had a chance to interview Carrie Adelstein, a long time Terrain Athlete. When asked how long she had been coming to Terrain, Carrie shared that not only had she been at Terrain since it opened, but that she had been training with head coach, Tonia Boze, since 2000. 

Carrie's favorite part about Terrain is that it is always evolving, that current information about new way to train helps to keep the program fresh and that you essentially get personal training in a group setting. "All of the athletes that come to Terrain make it fun," says Carrie.

Of head coach Tonia Boze, Carrie says, "Not only is she a great coach, she's a great person. Her personality makes it so you want to train and you want to get stronger. She develops a friendship with all of her athletes and really cares about their well-being."

Carrie encourages folks curious about Terrain or new to training to come and try it out, because she believes you will love it. "You are never bored, and its nice because (coaches) can personalize anything for you, work around any injury, like they are doing with us." Carrie is currently training with sciatic pain, and I have been training with a torn rotator cuff. "Several athletes have issues they need to work around," she continues. "Don't use it as an excuse not to train, just work around it. (The Coaches) are great about personalizing the exercises for the athletes."

Currently Carrie attends class about two to three days a week. She has come four days a week in the past and wants to get that rhythm going again. See if you can find her at a 12:15pm class, which seems to be her regular time.