Athlete Highlight: Rich Kittinger

I really enjoyed my conversation with Terrain Athlete, Rich Kittinger. He's a family man, and has had to work with some low back injury, but now you can see him eagerly grabbing that Sand Bag for get ups!

Rich Kittinger has been coming to Terrain for exactly one year. As a firefighter and paramedic, its imperative for him to maintain his physical fitness and reduce job related stress. He found Terrain through his wife Amy, who started training with head coach Tonia Boze about seven years ago. 

"I had always been cautious of coming, because of the dynamic nature of it," says Rich. Through his work, he had begun to develop back pain. "I started to withdraw from things I loved to do." Rich's wife bought him a pass to Terrain for a birthday gift. "I did some personals at first, probably four sessions, and then started doing a 16 or 20 week Low Back program that Tonia put together specifically for me."

During his Low Back program Rich had a few flares, but says, "Thats whats so unique and amazing about Tonia, is she just coached me through and had that balance of 'I care for you, but we are going to work through this and I know what the other side looks like.'"

Rich feels so much better today having gone through the Low Back program created for him at Terrain gym. When he's not at the gym, you can find Rich walking his dogs on Bellingham trails, on is boat wake boarding. His 12 and 15yr old boys are inspirations for him to keep going, and both boys also participate at Terrain gym.