Good ol' Frog stretch...Remixed

Ah...Frog stretch. This is a pretty classic stretch. Its a great way to open your groin, or adductor muscles, which can get super tight with lifting and skiing and climbing and, well, most anything active really! 

The key to this stretch: go into and out of it SLOWLY. Like a tortoise. Slow. Give your muscles time to open to the stretch. And because of the position of your body, gravity will be doing all of the hard work. Your job will be to breathe!

The Remix option: use a band to "distract" or traction the hip joint and get into some deeper places. I LOVE this variation! If it's your first rodeo, consider doing this a few times before you add the strap. And remember, the SLOW tortoise wins the Frog stretch race.

Here's what to do:

1) Come to hands and knees (if adding the strap, girth hitch the strap to a post and put your legs through the other end so the strap lands at your thighs just below your pelvis.)

2) SLOWLY start to walk your knees wide apart. Shoot for a 90 degree bend in your hips, knees and ankles.

3) Descend down to your forearms as your body allows, or maybe all the way to your belly.

4) Breathe deeply!!! 10-20 slow deep breaths will be about 1-2 minutes in the stretch. This is enough time to move beyond the muscle tissue itself and make some change in the connective tissue.

5) SLOWLY exit the stretch by mindfully walking your knees back together. 

Enjoy the good vibrations!!