Train Well, Eat Well

Part of our mission is to educate our athletes on how to eat for optimal health. This lead to the addition of our coffee & supplement bar. We fully stock Bullet Proof Upgraded supplements, coffee and chocolate. We also stock Cave Man coffee, chocolate and coconut oil. The products we stock are ones we use ourselves and fully believe in.

Beginning January 26th we will be slinging hot, delicious, cups of Bullet Proof coffee, BP mochas and vanilla lattes!! These are full of good for you stuff such as;

  • Collagen Protein - Speeds up recovery and repairs soft tissue
  • Cacao Butter - A Superfood! It adds a new taste sensation to your mocha
  • Chocolate Powder - Another Superfood! It’s heart healthy & taste amazing.
  • Vanilla - the real deal. Helps fight inflammation!
  • Brain Octane - Reduces brain fog & increases energy.

Come check us out and learn more about why coffee can be good for you!